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Energetic Planet Strategic Plan : Overview
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To create sustainability, we have to Re-Engineer Societal Systems, such as: Education, Health Care, Politics, Commerce, etc.

We have to have tens of millions of people undergoing a Conscious Evolution supporting new societal systems in order to transition from the old.

We begin societal alignment by aligning groups pre-disposed to this thinking, such as people practicing: yoga; conscious eating; art; etc.

We organize the leaders of those groups together in each community.

We quickly create collective distribution lists of 50,000 to 200,000 emails in each community.

Teams (i.e. Marketing; Membership; P.R.) are formed to support the collective in each community.

Partnerships with sponsors create more widespread reach for the collective.

Media attention and collective media buys further expands awareness, visibility, and growth for the collective.

Goal is to initially demonstrate successful business models in South Florida, New York City, and Los Angeles.

Successful proof of concept of a model that can be replicated anywhere will attract the sponsors, strategic partners, and investors needed to expand.

As Teams and Boards work together, pre-qualified members interested in paid positions will be "pre-hired" as appropriate candidates.

Pre-hired candidates will be built into the business plan so that as funding is made available, national and international rollout can happen nearly instantly.

As more communities join the network, soon millions of people will be coming together across the entire network.

The Energetic Planet website will also host a platform for vetting the best alternative solutions for all areas of society.

By simultaneously organizing energies and aligning energies behind leading solutions, we will intentionally collectively co-create our society as we choose.

We will use consumer purchasing influence to reward leading businesses.

Wall Street will begin to support Energetic Planet supported businesses as favorable investments.

To encourage businesses to take steps towards sustainability, Energetic Planet will use standardized measurement and rating systems to demonstrate businesses' commitments to making transformational progress.

By measuring businesses based on progress rather than history, it encourages all businesses to be extremely proactive in their progress.

Pressure will mount by consumers and the investment community for all businesses to be aggressive with their progress.

As the effect snow-balls, Wall Street will eventually be leading the push towards sustainability.

Over time, this process will redirect the strongest energies within society to support global sustainability.
About Energetic Planet

Energetic Planet supports the transition of society to sustainability, living in harmony with our natural resources and each other, generation after generation, forever.

The Energetic Planet Strategic Plan focuses efforts in two dimensions:
1. Conscious Evolution
2. Re-Engineering Societal Systems

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