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About Energetic Planet

Energetic Planet is facilitating the transition of society to sustainability by supporting the Conscious Evolution of individuals, groups, and the community, while taking initial steps towards Re-Engineering Societal Systems by implementing cooperation-based Community Commerce within South Florida as a model for other communities.

Everything described on this website is just the first phase of the Energetic Planet rollout, and approximately ten additional phases have already been mapped out to technologically, organizationally, and energetically support our society's transition at every level, from supporting the blossoming of the creativity of our children, to making it compelling for the largest Wall Street investors to align their financial resources behind the businesses and organizations leading the way to sustainability.

If you'd like to know more about some of the future phases of the Energetic Planet rollout, you can read the Strategic Plan: Overview or Strategic Plan: Detail.

With a collective email reach of 100,000 in South Florida as the first model community, and 200,000 in New York as the second model community, and another 200,000 in Los Angeles as the third model community, Energetic Planet will be proactively organizing energetic alignment amongst 500,000 emails, in just the beginning stages of expansion.

With South Florida, New York, and Los Angeles as successful business models, Energetic Planet will be attracting the national media, sponsorship, and investment required to expand throughout the United States and the world.

Even as the Energetic Planet model is being refined in those cities, the model will be packaged in an electronic box so that anyone in Des Moines, Iowa or Seattle, Washington or Denver, Colorado can see what is happening in South Florida, and say, "I want to start Energetic Planet here!" and open up the box, start organizing locally, and begin to energetically align their own local community, and connect and align with the other Energetic Planet communities.

Very soon, as Energetic Planet virally expands, millions of people will align their energies behind new sustainable societal systems, and we will manifest the Energetic Planet we are intentionally co-creating together!

What Can You Do?

Do you want to see life endure on this planet?

Do you believe, as we do, that the human species is intelligent enough, creative enough, and capable of connecting with our inherent divine essence enough to create a sustainable society?

Do you see yourself as someone working with others who hold this vision to create a successful model now and lead the way to inspire the others in our society towards hope, belief, and faith? If so, then you're the one we've been waiting for!

Join us!!!

...and co-create the future with us!!!

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About Energetic Planet

Energetic Planet supports the transition of society to sustainability, living in harmony with our natural resources and each other, generation after generation, forever.

The Energetic Planet Strategic Plan focuses efforts in two dimensions:
1. Conscious Evolution
2. Re-Engineering Societal Systems

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Community Commerce

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