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Energetic Planet Collective Marketing

The draw of having the entire community of events, classes, workshops, products, and services so easily accessible, searchable, and purchasable all in one place creates widespread awareness and attention that all of us can benefit from.

In addition, the collective email blast reach of all the Launch Partners together is between 100,000 and 200,000 cumulative emails already being sent every week. That type of reach into the holistic living community is attractive to the corporate sponsors who want to reach those types of people, such as Whole Foods, Starbucks, and Publix.

Corporate sponsors will, in turn, also help create widespread and mainstream brand awareness and website traffic for EnergeticPlanet.com through their corporate email blasts, print advertising, in-store marketing, etc.

In addition, media attention through articles and stories written and broadcast about Energetic Planet, collective advertising, such as post cards and posters, sponsorships and having a presence at events, as well as collective ad purchases in Natural Awakenings, New Times, Sun-Sentinel, Miami Herald, local magazines, radio, and television will extend Energetic Planet's brand awareness, reach, and impact throughout South Florida.

Collective Marketing (already being provided by request)
Energetic Planet uses the draw of the entire community of events, classes, workshops, products, and services all in one place to create widespread awareness, media attention, and corporate support, that all of us can benefit from.
. A collective community calendar, directory and interest matching system draws and retains website visitors and subscribers
. A collective email blast reach amongst 135 Launch Partners between 100,000 and 200,000 emails weekly, creating brand awareness and drawing website traffic to EnergeticPlanet.com
. Sponsorship opportunities on EnergeticPlanet.com and in email blasts
. Collective creates extended reach via media attention and corporate sponsorship
. Corporate sponsors provide support through email blasts, media buys, in-store exposure, at events, opportunities for specific Launch Partners, etc.
. Opportunities for a presence at events via Energetic Planet booths
. Event presence and sponsorships create brand awareness and traffic for EnergeticPlanet.com
. Collective marketing opportunities, such as through post cards and posters
. Collective ad purchases, such as in Natural Awakenings, New Times, Sun-Sentinel, Miami Herald, local magazines, radio, and television
. Mutually supportive Facebook and Twitter sharing networks
. Automated event creation, promotion, and sponsorship technologies
. Cross-promotional marketing technologies and opportunities

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Cross-Promotional Email Marketing

A major breakthrough that Energetic Planet provides to us is in the ease and time savings of building our email blasts, while simultaneously supporting and being supported by other Launch Partners.

When composing our email, we can simply browse the events, classes, workshops, products, and services we have previously entered into EnergeticPlanet.com, and checkmark which ones should be included in the current blast, which are then displayed in the email without any copying or pasting.

Similarly we can browse all of the events, products, and services entered by all of the other Launch Partners, and checkmark the ones we want to include in our own blast, which are added to the "Please support our friends." section at the bottom of our email with coded affiliate hyperlinks so that we automatically earn a commission when someone from our email list registers or purchases.

In this way, each of us in the community are now able to expand beyond our own relatively narrow revenue stream of only our own classes, workshops, products, and services to being able to more fully monetize the value of being a trusted content filter and aggregator for our database of followers by earning revenue across the entire community of offerings that we choose to recommend to our followers.

Similarly, it is now very easy and mutually rewarding for our friends and partners to recommend our programs, products, and services to entire databases of people who we previously had no access to.
About Energetic Planet

Energetic Planet supports the transition of society to sustainability, living in harmony with our natural resources and each other, generation after generation, forever.

The Energetic Planet Strategic Plan focuses efforts in two dimensions:
1. Conscious Evolution
2. Re-Engineering Societal Systems

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Community Commerce

Focus on what you do best by using powerful Business Support Services and revolutionary EnergeticPlanet.com Technologies.

Reach new prospects via Collective Marketing.

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