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EnergeticPlanet.com Technologies

Energetic Planet is creating cutting edge, breakthrough technologies that efficiently and effectively match individuals seeking to expand and deepen their own Conscious Evolution with those of us that are seeking to support their growth through the events, classes, workshops, products, and services that we offer.

The general public will be able to utilize all of the basic functions on EnergeticPlanet.com for free, such as the Community Calendar, Map, Directory, Interest Matching System, and Online Registrations, making it easy and fulfilling for individuals to find what they are looking for.

Premium features, such as Favorite Saving and Rewards Dollars, will be offered exclusively to Energetic Planet Members. Individuals can become Members for free by simply providing an email address to receive weekly emails.

Higher level premium features, such as the ability to earn Viral Recurring Referral Commissions will be available to higher level Energetic Planet Premium Memberships, starting at $9 per month.

You can become an Energetic Planet Launch Partner to utilize all of the EnergeticPlanet.com Technologies for your business as they are released, such as integrations with PayPal, Email Blasts, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, along with Database Privacy, Viral Recurring Referral Commissions, and Cross-Promotional Email Marketing empower you to expand your reach and results in ways never before possible.

EnergeticPlanet.com Technologies
. Business Profile - your contact info, description, etc.
. Community Calendar - unlimited listings of your events, classes, and workshops
. Interest Matching - powerfully connects you with your prospects

. Favorite Saving - favorite interests are saved for website visitors
. Community Map - organization location and all event locations
. Online Registrations - sell your events, classes, and workshops
. E-Commerce Store - sell your products and services
. PayPal Integration - payments made directly into your PayPal account
. Rewards Dollars - redeemed for free classes and products

. Cross-Promotional Email Marketing - revolutionary affiliate system

. Email Blast Integration - works with Constant Contact, iContact, MailChimp, etc.
. Database Privacy - your contacts are not shared with Energetic Planet or anyone
. Email List Building - build your database with integrated email signups
. Facebook Integration - LIKE buttons for your profile, events, products, etc.
. Twitter Integration - Tweet buttons for your profile, events, products, etc.
. YouTube Integration - add YouTube videos to your profile, events, products, etc.
. Recurring Referral Commissions - benefit from helping spread the word
(20% for direct referrals; 10% for referrals from referrals)

Become an Energetic Planet Launch Partner to utilize all of the EnergeticPlanet.com Technologies for your business - Learn more...
Launch Partners

Leveraging the power of the collective to expand your results.

Synergizing efforts to support the evolution of the entire community.

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Community Commerce

Focus on what you do best by using powerful Business Support Services and revolutionary EnergeticPlanet.com Technologies.

Reach new prospects via Collective Marketing.

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About Energetic Planet

Energetic Planet supports the transition of society to sustainability, living in harmony with our natural resources and each other, generation after generation, forever.

The Energetic Planet Strategic Plan focuses efforts in two dimensions:
1. Conscious Evolution
2. Re-Engineering Societal Systems

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