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Energetic Planet Launch Partners

Click here to download the complete Launch Partner Description and Agreement

Launch Partners are providing the input to co-create the technology, organizational structure, marketing outreach, business support services, and the community involvement of Energetic Planet.

Launch Partners will further ensure the successful rollout and adoption of Energetic Planet through their own use of the technological tools (organizational profile, community calendar, and cross-promotional email marketing system), and by sharing any suggestions they have, as well as guidance for the future development of Energetic Planet.

Energetic Planet Launch Partners will intend and create ways to collaborate and synergize with each other to create expanded results for themselves, the local community, and the global society.

135 businesses are becoming Launch Partners by making a financial commitment of
$99 per month for 3 months ($297 paid in advance).

Click here to download the complete Launch Partner Description and Agreement

Launch Partners receive the following benefits:

EnergeticPlanet.com Technology
(currently being rolled-out)
. Business Profile - your contact info, description, etc.
. Community Calendar - unlimited listings of your events, classes, and workshops
. Interest Matching - powerfully connects you with your prospects
. Community Map - organization location and all event locations
. Online Registrations - sell your events, classes, and workshops
. E-Commerce Store - sell your products and services
. PayPal Integration - payments made directly into your PayPal account
. Rewards Dollars - redeemed for free classes and products
. Cross-Promotional Email Marketing - revolutionary affiliate system
. Email Blast Integration - works with Constant Contact, iContact, MailChimp, etc.
. Database Privacy - your contacts are not shared with Energetic Planet or anyone
. Email List Building - build your database with integrated email signups
. Facebook Integration - LIKE buttons for your profile, events, products, etc.
. Twitter Integration - Tweet buttons for your profile, events, products, etc.
. YouTube Integration - add YouTube videos to your profile, events, products, etc.
. Viral Recurring Referral Commissions - benefit from helping spread the word
(20% for direct referrals; 10% for referrals from referrals)

Business Support Services
(provided by request)
Energetic Planet uses the power of the collective to allow all of us to direct our marketing, promotion, technology, production, administrative, and other business support budgets into the collective pool of resources assembled, qualified, managed, and coordinated by the Energetic Planet Business Support Services Team.
. Business Consulting - strategic planning, business development, coaching, etc.
. Membership Consulting - strategy, segmenting, acquisition, retention, etc.
. Fundraising Consulting - direct mail, telemarketing, events, promotions, etc.
. Marketing Strategy & Consulting - photos, video, print, web, social media, etc.
. Promotions - press releases, media, advertising, flyer distribution, emails, etc.
. Photo & Video Shooting & Editing - studio, on location, events, workshops, etc.
. Graphic Design & Print - creative, branding, logo, business cards, flyers, etc.
. Online Strategy & Production - website, email, social media, search engines, etc.
. Social Media Strategy - Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.
. Webinars & Live Streams - video, Internet, production, registration, etc.
. Event Planning & Production - stage, sound, lighting, decoration, etc.
. Talent Booking & Management - singers, dancers, performers, models, etc.
. Venue Booking - venue matching, negotiation, ticketing, insurance, parking, etc.
. Event Vendors & Food - artists, clothing, jewelry, catering, food trucks, etc.
. Administrative - secretarial, data entry, accounting, project management, etc.

Collective Marketing
(provided by request)
Energetic Planet uses the draw of the entire community of events, classes, workshops, products, and services all in one place to create widespread awareness, media attention, and corporate support, that all of us can benefit from.
. A collective community calendar, directory and interest matching system draws and retains website visitors and subscribers
. A collective email blast reach amongst 135 Launch Partners between 100,000 and 200,000 emails weekly, creating brand awareness and drawing website traffic to EnergeticPlanet.com
. Sponsorship opportunities on EnergeticPlanet.com and in email blasts
. Collective creates extended reach via media attention and corporate sponsorship
. Corporate sponsors provide support through email blasts, media buys, in-store exposure, at events, opportunities for specific Launch Partners, etc.
. Opportunities for a presence at events via Energetic Planet booths
. Event presence and sponsorships create brand awareness and traffic for EnergeticPlanet.com
. Collective marketing opportunities, such as through post cards and posters
. Collective ad purchases, such as in Natural Awakenings, New Times, Sun-Sentinel, Miami Herald, local magazines, radio, and television
. Mutually supportive Facebook and Twitter sharing networks
. Automated event creation, promotion, and sponsorship technologies
. Cross-promotional marketing technologies and opportunities

Additional Launch Partner Benefits

(provided as available)
. Early exposure on the Energetic Planet website before the official launch
. Listed in the Launch Partner section of the website
. Launch Partners promoted as leaders in the community
. Featured in marketing to all potential Partners (hundreds of local businesses)
. Launch Partner logo on organizational profile on the website
. Launch Partner logo on events submitted to website
. Launch Partner badge for own website
. Launch Partner logo on email blasts
. "Energetic Planet featuring YOUR NAME & LOGO" on header of Energetic Planet website when website visitors come from your email blast
. Included in Press Release announcing Energetic Planet launch
. Can immediately begin signing up affiliates with recurring monthly commissions
. Acknowledged in Natural Awakenings Energetic Planet launch ad

Do you see yourself as someone working with others who hold this vision to create a successful model now and lead the way to inspire the others in our society towards hope, belief, and faith? If so, then you're the one we've been waiting for! Join us!!!

To become a Launch Partner now,
Click here to download the complete Launch Partner Description and Agreement

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Energetic Planet
Leadership Council

The Leadership Council members are Energetic Planet Launch Partners that are fully committed to the realization of the Energetic Planet mission of supporting the transition of society to sustainability by coming together in Council meetings to weave their energies and intentions together to create the powerful seed vibration embraced and amplified by the Launch Partners and the entire Energetic Planet community.

Leadership Council Members

Aaron Erickson
JAI Healing Arts

Ash Ruiz
Bright Shining Heart

Carmen Garson
The Goddess Store

Casandra Tanenbaum
Florida Flow Fest

Debby Carrigan
Elemental Expressions

Eugene Gant
Naam Yoga

Fred Busch
Brickell Hot Yoga

Hal Martin
Stop, Breathe & Smile

Heather Phoi
Groovolution Dance Studio

Inder Kaur
Sat Nam Center

Jared Krupnick
Energetic Planet

Jason Hansra
Jason Hansra Healing

Jean Sfez
Urbaneco Development

Jennifer Grace
The Center of Grace

Jessica Om
JAI Healing Arts

Jill Rapperport
Soaring Eagle Yoga

Joan Roth
The Tent Project

Jordi Verite
Ayurdeva's Natural Products

Juliano Echiverri
Holistic Circle

Kandee G
Nothing But Good News

Karine Rodengen
True Quest

Katherine Coder
Shine Mojo

Kristin Patten
Nourishe Medi Spa

Dr. Lee Vickers
Bodies of Light

Lisa Lumiere
Zentopia by Lisa

Lisa Neu
The Wakeup

Luchi Estevez
La Luchi Foundation

Rabbi Marc Labowitz
Temple Adath Or

Marcus Thompson
Permaculture Miami

Marisa Silverman Pruzan
Holistic Health Coaching by Marisa

Mark Becker
NEWLIFE Expo / Magazine / Cruise

Nathan BenAmoz
Limitless I Multi-Media Production

Olga Gavrilenko
Pristine Origins

Roberto Reyes-Batlle
Personal Transformation Consultant

Safia Peterson
The Safia Institute of Self Mastery

Sal Espinosa
Healing with Sal

Susan Wood
Natural Awakenings Magazine

Vinnie Bellitto
Limitless I Multi-Media Production

Will I Am
Yotolon Mystery School

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