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Energetic Planet Strategic Plan : Detail
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In order to realize a sustainable existence on our planet, we have to transform all of our major societal systems to support sustainability: Education; Health Care; Politics; Banking; etc.

In order to replace the deeply entrenched existing societal systems, we have to bring tens of millions of people into energetic alignment behind new paradigms to create the support and momentum required to transition from the old to the new systems.

We begin the process of aligning energies across our society by initially focusing on groups of people that are regularly putting attention and intention behind aligning their lives with their divine purpose on the planet - people with practices such as: yoga; qigong; meditation; conscious eating; dancing; music; art; etc.

We ask the leaders (those with voices that are respected and followed) of such groups of people to come together virtually and physically with others in their own community to work together to organize the energies of the entire community.

With relatively modest numbers of groups working together (20 to 50), each having relatively modest numbers of contacts in their own databases (500 to 5000), we can quickly create a distribution network of 50,000 to 200,000 collective emails in each community.

Energetic Planet Leadership Teams (committees) will begin operations (such as Branding; Marketing; Membership; Public Relations; Sponsor Acquisition; etc.) in each community immediately to create powerful results on behalf of the collective.

With a collective weekly email distribution network of 50,000 to 200,000 email addresses, this targeted segment of the community becomes a highly desirable marketing opportunity for local sponsors such as Whole Foods or Starbucks. With such partnerships, reverse opportunities are available, where selected initiatives of the Energetic Planet Leadership Council can be featured through in-store promotions, newspaper advertisements, etc. of sponsors/partners, creating opportunities to reach wider and potentially more "mainstream" audiences.

Similarly, the emergence and growth of the Energetic Planet Leadership Councils in each of these communities will generate and receive media attention and coverage in newspapers, magazines, radio, television, etc. Simultaneously, the Leadership Councils will coordinate collective media buys, purchasing full-page ads in mainstream newspapers and magazines to create more awareness, visibility, and growth for Energetic Planet Leadership Council initiatives with each community.

By launching initially in South Florida, New York City, and Los Angeles as three model communities, the intention is to quickly demonstrate a successful business model in each of those three communities, creating a combined email distribution network of hundreds of thousands of emails across those communities.

By creating a successful proof of concept in each of those communities, while simultaneously structuring the Energetic Planet Leadership Council to be "packaged in a box," where anyone in any community can create their own Energetic Planet Leadership Council and join the support structure for the network of Leadership Councils across the country and planet, Energetic Planet will become a compelling model for national and international sponsors, strategic partners, and investors to support financially and otherwise.

As the Energetic Planet Leadership Councils are operating with various Teams (committees) and Boards of Directors in each community, as well as with national Teams and Boards of Directors, participating members are asked to submit their ideal paid position within the Energetic Planet corporation, including their responsibilities, hourly commitment per week, qualifications, and salary requirements. An Energetic Planet Human Resources Team will vet, qualify, interview, and "pre-hire" appropriate candidates.

Through this process, Energetic Planet will build out a complete organizational structure of well-qualified individuals to be included in the business plan, so that as soon as the appropriate funding becomes available, the entire organization can be hired nearly instantly, facilitating accelerated national and international rollout.

As more and more communities organize and develop their own collective email distribution networks of thousands, tens of thousands, and hundreds of thousands of emails, it won't be long before millions of people are coming into energetic alignment across the entire network.

At the same time that the Leadership Councils are organizing and the email distribution is expanding, the Energetic Planet website will be hosting a platform for sharing, dialoguing, rating, and sharing the best alternative solutions in all areas of society.

By simultaneously organizing the energies of the community and facilitating a process to align the energies of the communities behind the organizations and businesses that are leading the way to the new paradigms for our society, Energetic Planet will be actively facilitating the intentional collective co-creation of our society as we choose to design it, completely empowered to manifest our reality exactly as we intend it.

As we translate our collective energetic alignment into consumer purchasing influence, we can call upon grocery chains, restaurants, clothing companies, and even banks, auto manufacturers, and oil companies to adjust their business practices and policies to reflect the shifting societal interest in sustainability, and the desire of the collective Energetic Planet community to support and reward the businesses leading the way to sustainability with their consumer dollars.

As the Energetic Planet community is more and more successful at effectively organizing consumer support, to such a degree that supported businesses receive a sustained measurable market share increase, Wall Street analysts will recognize the consistent business increases associated with Energetic Planet community support, and will encourage their investment clients, as well as direct their own investment funds, etc. to invest in Energetic Planet community supported businesses.

To help encourage all businesses to move in this direction, regardless of their history or current transgressions, Energetic Planet will work with standardized business measurement and rating systems which will allow businesses to be rated across a variety of business metrics, and scored at their current level. They can then make the results public, along with a strategic plan for transforming their business, with score improvement commitments every six months. Their business will then be re-audited and re-scored every six months to measure their actual results against their public commitments, and as long as they continue to participate in this process, their actual scores and how they compare to their commitments will be made public.

By measuring businesses based on their current commitment and results, rather than by their past history, it encourages all businesses to act actively and aggressively in this direction. It provides even extra incentive for those businesses that have a dubious history in these areas to be very proactive going forward, transforming into model businesses, creating new opportunities in new markets that otherwise might have left them behind.

As these trends expand and become more prevalent within the business and investment world, increasing pressure will mount from both consumers and from the investment community for all businesses to ensure they are supported by the Energetic Planet community not only to generate the increased market share available, but also to ensure that they do not lose market share to their competitors outpacing them towards sustainability.

This will begin to have a snow-ball effect, as a strong connection develops between businesses that are moving towards sustainability, and the support of the consumer market. In recognition of this, more and more "Wall Street money" will shift from businesses that are lagging behind to businesses that are leading the way.

In this way, as we continue to organize communities and tie them together, we can successfully leverage consumer support into increased profits, and then into increased Wall Street support, over time, rerouting and redirecting the strongest energies of our society to support all life living in harmony with the planet and each other for generations to come forever.
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