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Energetic Planet presents...

12/12/12 12:12am
Energetic Alignment

benefitting The La Luchi Foundation

Tuesday, 12/11/12 8:30pm to
Wednesday, 12/12/12 12:30am
Cost: by donation
* bring a sitting pillow or a chair

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Yoga Source
3510 South University Drive
Davie, FL 33328

Join a gathering of your friends and soul family aligning our breaths, bodies, energies and intentions, connecting with our divine essence as self, community, and global family on this auspicious occasion! :))


Will I Am
Jill Rapperport
Moses Love
Aaron Erickson & Jessica Om
Alan Steinfeld
Joan Roth
Lisa Neu
Howard Dean
Luchi Estevez

Jared Krupnick

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Energy System

Will I Am, the founder of the Yotolon Mystery School, will lead us through a guided breath meditation to clear our energy systems, and connect ourselves energetically with the earth, all beings on the earth, and all of existance as we pass through 12:12am on 12/12/12.

He will lead us in a sacred ceremony, connecting with our higher group consciousness and interdimensional support, to channel the wisdom and guidance that the Universe has to offer us in this special moment.

Crystal Bowl
Cellular Alignment

Jill Rapperport, the founder of Soaring Eagle Yoga, weaves her knowledge of astrology, yoga, shamanic wisdom and energy medicine together into a powerful vibrational experience of crystal bowl cleansing and activating your energy body for optimal health and well-being. This special form of meditation provides lasting benefits in stress management, and in opening up the higher mind to your highest self.

Sacred Chanting
Heart Alignment

Moses Love, the founder of I Love Yoga and I Love Yoga Studio will lead us in the ancient Hawaiin Ho'oponopono Mantra - "I'm sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you." - assisting you in letting go of any problem memories.

Body Alignment
Aaron Erickson & Jessica Om, the founders of JAI Healing Arts, will be leading a a short guided partner Vedic Thai-Yoga Practice. They will teach & guide assisted partner yoga stretching and thai massage techniques for us to treat and align each other with.

Cosmic & Cultural

Alan Steinfeld, the founder of New Realities, is joining us as a special guest from New York, in town to host the 12.12.12 Extravaganza at the Miami Circle. Alan will share the cosmic and cultural significance of this moment in time.

Planetary Drumming

Howard Dean, the founder of the Florida Eco Network, will lead us in a drumming for peace. Howard will be drumming the following day, accompanying Mayan Grandmother Flordemayo, at a special free ceremony at noon as part of the 12.12.12 Extravaganza at the Miami Circle

Gong Meditation
Love Alignment

Luchi Estevez, the founder of the non-profit, The La Luchi Foundation, will be vibrating all of the cells of our bodies with the waves of sound of the Universe, opening and balancing all of the chakras (energy centers), opening the mind to a meditative state, relaxing into harmony with all.

Soul Alignment
Joan Roth, the founder of the non-profit, The Tent Project, will talk about the importance of healing in End Times.

Spirit Alignment
Lisa Neu, the founder of the non-profit, The Wakeup, will share about how we can align with our spirit in these turbulent times.

Energetic Planet

Jared Krupnick, the founder of Energetic Planet will share how Energetic Planet is working to align our energies to become a sustainable society, living in perpetual harmony with our planetary resources and each other.

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More info:
Keeping it Flowing...
From what I've heard from some of you, the quality and power of our 12/12/12 event was way beyond expectations, including my own! :))

Some of you wanted to donate more than you were able to that evening, and it's not too late!!! ;)

For those of you that want to further balance the exchange of value that you received, please donate here to add to your donation for the 12/12/12 event.

Please consider "Paying it Forward" to donate on behalf of the people that were next to you that are currently in a limited position to do so.

Thank you for doing what you can to create the opportunity for you and others to experience more events like this in the future! <3

One third of the donations for this event will go to support the efforts of the La Luchi Foundation.

The La Luchi Foundation provides yoga, meditation, movement, nutrition, art, and other holistic programs to underprivileged children in South Florida, promoting a healthy mind and body connection, better physical health, and eco-awareness as a way of life, creating an experiential foundation in full conscious awakened living.

If you are unable to attend this event, please consider making an online donation to support the wonderful difference the La Luchi Foundation is making for our children here in our community. Donate Now

Energetic Planet supports the transition of society to sustainability, living in harmony with our natural resources and each other, generation after generation, forever. more...

Leadership Council Members
Aaron Erickson
Carmen Garson
Cassandra Tanenbaum
Chana Rosenfeld
David Salih
Debby Carrigan
Eugene Gant
Fred Busch
Hal Martin
Heather Foi
Inder Kaur
Jared Krupnick
Jessica Om
Jill Rapperport
Joan Roth
John Vogel
Jordi Verite
Juliano Echiverri
Kandee G
Karine Rodengen
Katherine Coder
Kristin Patten
Lisa Lumiere
Lisa Neu
Luchi Estevez
Marcus Thompson
Marisa Silverman Pruzan
Michael Rosenfeld
Moses Love
Olga Gavrilenko
Rabbi Marc Labowitz
Safia Peterson
Sal Espinosa
Susan Wood
Vinnie Bellitto
Will I Am
Zeina Smidi
...more about the
Leadership Council

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Energetic Planet supports the transition of society to sustainability, living in harmony with our natural resources and each other, generation after generation, forever.

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