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Energetic Planet presents...

Community Incorporated

Friday, April 5th

Business Networking

7pm - 9:30pm

High Vibration
Social Experience
9:30pm - 2am

* Dinner/snacks/drinks for purchase *
~ bring a yoga mat or blanket & a sitting pillow ~

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Business Networking

7pm - 9:30pm

* connect
* form new relationships
* co-create community
* expand abundance
* strengthen bonds
* cross-promote
* align energies


High Vibration
Social Experience

9:30pm - 2am

* performances
* sound healing
* powerful meditation
* private healing sessions
* dancing
* vendors
* food

Energetic Planet's Revolutionary Cross-Promotional Email System
- A Short Demonstration

by Jared Krupnick

+ Leave this event with at least one new cross-promotional relationship that will result in new clients and increased revenue for your business.

+ Learn how friends and colleagues can add your information to their email blasts with one click.

+ Learn how you can easily and automatically earn referral commissions from all the local businesses that you are enthusiastic to share with your clients and friends.

+ Learn how becoming an Energetic Planet Launch Partner can benefit your business through Energetic Planet Technologies, Business Support Services, and Collective Marketing.

More at: EnergeticPlanet.com

Dinner, Snacks & Drinks

Yummy and healthy food options available for purchase from
Green Bites

Tossed salads with
your choice of veggie meats

Veggie black pepper steak
Veggie chicken steak

Veggie hot dogs
Vegan nuggets
Key lime pie
Natural juices

Featured Healers

The following healers will be available on-site for healings in private healing rooms.

Michelle Alva - MichelleAlva.com

Jack Lee

Michael Raphael

Sessions are 25 minutes for $25, and are available on a first-come basis.

This is an incredible opportunity to experience a taste of some of the most gifted healers in South Florida in a very affordable way!

On-site sessions may be scheduled in advance by sending an email with any preferences to healing@EnergeticPlanet.com

Advanced reservations are encouraged as some healers may book all of their on-site sessions before the event.

Featured Launch Partners

The following Launch Partners will have a presence at the event to connect and share with you how they are supporting the community.

Ayurdeva's Natural Products
Thank you very much to Leadership Council member, Ayurdeva's Natural Products for creating the hosting opportunity! Read their latest Let Nature Heal You Newsletter, featuring Energetic Planet! :)

Holistic Globe Expo

More at: HolisticGlobeNetworks.com

Educating Hands
School of Massage

Thank you so much to Educating Hands School of Massage for hosting us!

1111 Vibes

More at: 1111vibes.com

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Bodies of Light
by Dr. Lee Vickers

More at: BodiesOfLight.net

"Feeling Alive"
Movement by Masha

A unique way of combining movement, music and spirituality. A moving meditation with the power of strengthening the core.

My limbs
My speech
My vital energy
All my senses become strong
May I always embrace and uphold
the sacred teachings

Life is love to be lived

Free the mind
To have a beautiful life.

More at: MashaLovesLife.com

"CONNECTING" Interactive Art by Chía Ortegón

This is an inter-participative art installation. Come and play with us! We are connecting the dots!

Chía Ortegón=Alchemy Artista is a visual and performing artist committed to the creation of transformative experiences among groups. Using Art as a potent catalyst and Neuroart-Mind®Sciences, Chía designs Alchemical Processes and Performances to promote evolutionary changes in the individual and the collective.

"We are the emerging culture of the Renasarts-Society; rising freer, wealthier and happier! We are resonating the way to a radiant promising future for our Global Family! And for the sustainability of our beloved GAIA."-Chía Ortegón

More at: AlchemyArtista.com

Crystal Bowl Sound Bath
by Andrew Clark of 1111 Vibes

Featuring live crystal sonic bowls - the harmonizing power of vibration aligns the human body with the governing flow of gravity to promote the healing that is natural in this unified state. Sound waves stream through and through like a sonic quickening that integrates the body and clears the mind for an experience that is truly beyond words...

The liquid sound and light vibrations take you to a deep meditative state where the brain emits theta and delta waves which, serve to cleanse and revitalize the body and mind and purify the soul.

More at: 1111vibes.com

Energetic Planet supports the
La Luchi Foundation

The La Luchi Foundation provides yoga, meditation, movement, nutrition, art, and other holistic programs to underprivileged children in South Florida, promoting a healthy mind and body connection, better physical health, and eco-awareness as a way of life, creating an experiential foundation in full conscious awakened living. Donate Now
More at: LaLuchiFoundation.org

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Energetic Planet
Leadership Council

The Leadership Council members are Energetic Planet Launch Partners that are fully committed to the realization of the Energetic Planet mission of supporting the transition of society to sustainability by coming together in Council meetings to weave their energies and intentions together to create the powerful seed vibration embraced and amplified by the Launch Partners and the entire Energetic Planet community.

Leadership Council Members

Aaron Erickson
JAI Healing Arts

Ash Ruiz
Bright Shining Heart

Carmen Garson
The Goddess Store

Casandra Tanenbaum
Florida Flow Fest

Debby Carrigan
Elemental Expressions

Eugene Gant
Naam Yoga

Fred Busch
Brickell Hot Yoga

Hal Martin
Stop, Breathe & Smile

Heather Phoi
Groovolution Dance Studio

Inder Kaur
Sat Nam Center

Jared Krupnick
Energetic Planet

Jason Hansra
Jason Hansra Healing

Jean Sfez
Urbaneco Development

Jennifer Grace
The Center of Grace

Jessica Om
JAI Healing Arts

Jill Rapperport
Soaring Eagle Yoga

Joan Roth
The Tent Project

Jordi Verite
Ayurdeva's Natural Products

Juliano Echiverri
Holistic Circle

Kandee G
Nothing But Good News

Karine Rodengen
True Quest

Katherine Coder
Shine Mojo

Kristin Patten
Nourishe Medi Spa

Dr. Lee Vickers
Bodies of Light

Lisa Lumiere
Zentopia by Lisa

Lisa Neu
The Wakeup

Luchi Estevez
La Luchi Foundation

Rabbi Marc Labowitz
Temple Adath Or

Marcus Thompson
Permaculture Miami

Marisa Silverman Pruzan
Holistic Health Coaching by Marisa

Mark Becker
NEWLIFE Expo / Magazine / Cruise

Nathan BenAmoz
Limitless I Multi-Media Production

Olga Gavrilenko
Pristine Origins

Roberto Reyes-Batlle
Personal Transformation Consultant

Safia Peterson
The Safia Institute of Self Mastery

Sal Espinosa
Healing with Sal

Susan Wood
Natural Awakenings Magazine

Vinnie Bellitto
Limitless I Multi-Media Production

Will I Am
Yotolon Mystery School

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