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Energetic Planet presents...

Community Incorporated

Business Networking
7pm - 9:30pm, $9
High Vibration
Social Experience
9:30pm - 2am, $9

+ Social
7pm - 2am, $14

Friday, January 11th at
Art of Basketball (Heat Wave)
2048 NW Miami Court, Miami, FL 33127

* Dinner/snacks/drinks for purchase by Thrive Restaurant *

~ bring a yoga mat and blanket & a sitting pillow and/or chair ~
Special Guest Presenter: Kandee G

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Business Networking

7pm - 9:30pm


High Vibration
Social Experience

9:30pm - 2am

+ Leave this event with at least one new cross-promotional relationship that will result in new clients and increased revenue for your business!

+ Learn how you can easily and automatically earn referral commissions from all the local businesses that you are enthusiastic to share with your clients and friends!

Community Incorporated will maximize the growth of your own business, while simultaneously coordinating and synergizing your efforts with others' to optimize our collective results.

Kandee G of Nothing But Good News Radio and Nothing but Good News Magazine will be our special guest presenter at this event!

We look forward to seeing you!!! :D

Dinner, Snacks & Drinks

Yummy and healthy food options available for purchase from
Thrive Restaurant

Food Options:
Vegetable-ackee patties
Spinach patties
Carribean rice and beans(hot)
Pesto alfredo(raw)
Assorted Raw Desserts
Raw+Vegan Snacks

Local Kombucha on tap
Coconut Water
Izzie Drinks

Food coordinated and managed by:

Pristine Origins
Olga Gavrilenko

Raw+Vegan Services:
Coaching, Cooking & Demos
Home/Office Organizing
Event Planning

Community: Building and Maintenance

Based on ancient wisdom, Merlin will be sharing how free, independent and self-directed beings can use time, direction, and agreement-based tribal tactics to create the world we want to live in.

I have been blown away by what Merlin has been sharing with me, and I have been compelled to have him join us to share his wisdom!

I highly encourage you to send your name and birthdate now to merlin@EnergeticPlanet.com

Merlin will use his Mayan Astological charting to chart everyone that sends their birthdate in advance to show us how we align with each other, and how we can form teams of optimum community synergy on the spot!

Merlin is sponsored by:
I Love Yoga Studio

Chair Massage

Jack Lee will be providing his unique AnahataOM Healing, healing with the art and science of Ayurveda and Kabbalah - complete healing for the Mind Body and Soul. More: One Soul Holistic

Art of Basketball (Heat Wave)

Thank you so much to Art of Basketball (Heat Wave) for hosting us! More: Public Works Department

Sacred Music, Breathing Break,
and Healing Circle

Jessica and Aaron, playing the harmonium and digeridoo, will be joined by Doug Tessler and Simm Gottesman on flute and harp to share their divine melodic vibrations.

We will drift into some guided breath and meditation, followed by a healing circle, where everyone present will give and receive a healing touch while Aaron and Jessica share some of the acro yoga techniques they will be teaching in their upcoming workshops. More: JAI Healing Arts

Crystal Bowl Cellular Alignment

Jill Rapperport weaves her knowledge of astrology, yoga, shamanic wisdom and energy medicine together into a powerful vibrational experience of crystal bowl cleansing and activating your energy body for optimal health and well-being. This special form of meditation provides lasting benefits in stress management, and in opening up the higher mind to your highest self.
More: Soaring Eagle Yoga 


Chía Ortegón is a Creative, prolific Visual Artist expressing in a Multi-Disciplinary way. Her specialty is focus in Group Creative Processes facilitating an actual transformative alchemical experience. She coaches people to communicate with reality in a non-traditional approach so they can access and extraordinary perspective of what Live Life is truly about. She loves to share her expertise with others creating “high resonance” evolutionary experiences where Art is the Catalyst.

Chía Ortegón will be opening our Energetic Planet Celebration with an “Intantrik-Dance” where she invites every one to connect with their bodies and dance organically to their rhythm and wisdom! This is a High-Vibration! Co-creative dance performance! More: Alchemy-Artista

Drumming Prayer

Howard Dean, accompanied by Sara Molano, will lead us in a drumming prayer on his birthday! More: Florida Eco Network

Music Jam

Drum, dance, or bliss out to our all-star music jam, featuring Ash Ruiz, Deva, Eric Dez, and many more!

Bringing Bellydance
from Around the World
to South Florida

Nicole Raks, known for her juicy movements and emotional interpretation, will share her Egyptian Style Belly Dance, celebrating the upcoming arrival of International Superstars Beata & Horacio Cifuentes, featuring their CATT Company.

The best of Europe & South Florida bellydancers will share the stage for this special performance and workshop weekend, sponsored by the Goddess Store! More: Beata & Horacio Cifuentes

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Energetic Planet
Leadership Council

The Leadership Council members are Energetic Planet Launch Partners that are fully committed to the realization of the Energetic Planet mission of supporting the transition of society to sustainability by coming together in Council meetings to weave their energies and intentions together to create the powerful seed vibration embraced and amplified by the Launch Partners and the entire Energetic Planet community.

Leadership Council Members

Aaron Erickson
JAI Healing Arts

Ash Ruiz
Bright Shining Heart

Carmen Garson
The Goddess Store

Casandra Tanenbaum
Florida Flow Fest

Debby Carrigan
Elemental Expressions

Eugene Gant
Naam Yoga

Fred Busch
Brickell Hot Yoga

Hal Martin
Stop, Breathe & Smile

Heather Phoi
Groovolution Dance Studio

Inder Kaur
Sat Nam Center

Jared Krupnick
Energetic Planet

Jason Hansra
Jason Hansra Healing

Jean Sfez
Urbaneco Development

Jennifer Grace
The Center of Grace

Jessica Om
JAI Healing Arts

Jill Rapperport
Soaring Eagle Yoga

Joan Roth
The Tent Project

Jordi Verite
Ayurdeva's Natural Products

Juliano Echiverri
Holistic Circle

Kandee G
Nothing But Good News

Karine Rodengen
True Quest

Katherine Coder
Shine Mojo

Kristin Patten
Nourishe Medi Spa

Dr. Lee Vickers
Bodies of Light

Lisa Lumiere
Zentopia by Lisa

Lisa Neu
The Wakeup

Luchi Estevez
La Luchi Foundation

Rabbi Marc Labowitz
Temple Adath Or

Marcus Thompson
Permaculture Miami

Marisa Silverman Pruzan
Holistic Health Coaching by Marisa

Mark Becker
NEWLIFE Expo / Magazine / Cruise

Nathan BenAmoz
Limitless I Multi-Media Production

Olga Gavrilenko
Pristine Origins

Roberto Reyes-Batlle
Personal Transformation Consultant

Safia Peterson
The Safia Institute of Self Mastery

Sal Espinosa
Healing with Sal

Susan Wood
Natural Awakenings Magazine

Vinnie Bellitto
Limitless I Multi-Media Production

Will I Am
Yotolon Mystery School

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